New Dermal Filler Approved by FDA

Patients who are rapidly turning away from Botox are on the search for the right dermal filler to replace their former injections. They already have a number of different products to choose from but now a new one will be added to the mix. Prevelle Silk, a product created by a company called Mentor, has just received FDA approval and is getting ready to hit the market. The new product is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler gel. Like other dermal fillers, it is designed to smooth the wrinkles in the face. Unlike many of the other dermal fillers on the market today, it includes lidocaine which numbs the area at the injection site and reduces the pain of getting the dermal filler shot. Mentor is planning a slow, targeted launch of this product so it may not be available at your local skin rejuvenation doctor just yet. However, this company is planning a line of similar dermal fillers so you can expect to hear their name again soon (and you'll likely start to see their products emerge in your area). Question of the Day: Would you be interested in trying out a new-to-the-market dermal filler or are you more likely to go with a name that you already know? photo link
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