Reducing the Pain of Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

One of the first questions that you are likely to ask any kind of doctor about any type of procedure is: "will it hurt?" We all want to get certain work done whether for cosmetic or medical reasons but we don't want to do it if it's going to cause us unnecessary pain. That's particularly true of cosmetic procedures. For the most part, the work that you'll get done to enhance your appearance at a skin rejuvenation doctor is not going to be very painful. These are outpatient procedures that don't requier anesthesia. They are minimally invasive so it's just going to be the pinch of a needle or the sting of a laser that you'll have to sit through for a moment when getting this kind of work. However, you'll probably want to reduce that pain as much as possible. A recent press release for a topical anesthetic points out that these can be a great way to eliminate the pain of shots and lasers. Chances are that your doctor already uses these when you go to get procedures like dermal filler injections or laser resurfacing. But it doesn't hurt to ask if they're going to be used or if there are other options for minimizing your pain. Being pretty doesn't have to hurt. Question of the Day: Are you afraid of the pain of cosmetic treatments? photo link
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