UK Doctor Warns Against Deregulation of Laser Hair Removal

A cosmetic surgery doctors in the UK has spoken out strongly against the deregulation of cosmetic lasers, such as those used for laser hair removal, which is currently being considered by London regulators. He notes that although laser hair removal is basically a safe and non-invasive procedure, it remains a medical surgery and that's something that should be regulated for the safety of all patients. The doctor, who has been performing laser surgeries in London for nearly twenty years, has seen cases of poorly executed laser hair removal. He cites a number of problems that it can cause including "patients ending up 'spotted' like a leopard with either circular patches of brown or black pigmentation or white patches of depigmentation". He notes that minor, but still bothersome, side effects of bad laser hair removal can include burning and blistering as well as scarring of the skin pigmentation. It is also noted by the doctor that the laser hair removal specialist has an obligation to warn the patient about signs of cancer and other skin disease. This obligation is limited by the deregulation of laser hair removal because it allows for untrained people to make such assessments. This can reduce the ability of skin rejuvenation doctors to assist in playing a preventive health role for their patients. Question of the Day: What do you think about the deregulation of laser hair removal? photo link
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