At Least One Beckham Gives Up Botox

Many people are shying away from Botox these days and Victoria Beckham is no exception. The Spice Girls singer and wife of soccer star David Beckham has reportedly said that she doesn't like the effects of Botox on her face and is going to be foregoing any future treatments. Most people who are straying from Botox these days are replacing their treatments with other types of dermal filler injections. The main reason that people are switching from Botox is because of concerns about the botulism toxin that is in the treatment. Other dermal fillers offer the same effects without using that ingredient. However, Beckham says she's not going to be using any replacement dermal fillers. Instead, she's relying on a diet change that involves an increase in the consumption of goji berries for more natural plumping of the skin. In the past it was noted that Beckham got her treatments done with her hubby. There is no mention of whether David Beckham is also foregoing Botox which seems to indicate that he likes the results better than his wife does. Question of the Day: Do you think that natural treatments can provide the same cosmetic results as Botox injections can? photo link
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