Reducing Chin Fat

There's nothing attractive about fat under your chin. The double-chin is one of the biggest indicators that you've gained more weight than you're comfortable with. Unfortunately, many people don't know what can be done to eliminate the double chin other than to drastically lose weight. A new company hopes to change that. They're testing out a drug that might be useful in eliminating small amounts of fat underneath the chin.They are currently in the pre-production phase of the drug but if tests are successful then they would eventually release this product to the market. There are similar products on the market already for those who don't want to wait. One option that many people opt for is laser liposuction. This procedure actually dissolves the fat underneath the chin and then tightens the skin in the area to get rid of the look that makes you so unhappy. Question of the Day: Why do you think we're so unhappy when we see a double chin forming on our faces? photo link
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