UK Dr. Caught Selling Illegal Fat Reduction Treatment

A doctor in the UK has been prosecuted after advertising and selling a fat-reduction product that is not approved for use in the UK. The drug appears to be similar to products such as LipoDissolve which are intended as injectables that break up the fat in the body and help to trim inches off of the waist and other fatty areas. However, this product has not been tested for cosmetic use and should not have been sold to people for that purpose. The drug is called Lipostabil and is approved in Germany for non-cosmetic medical purposes. This UK doctor was advertising it under both the product name and the name Fat Jab. He was warned against continued advertisement of the illegal product and continued to offer it to his patients anyway. He has been found guilty in the court system and has been fined. Patients in the UK and the surrounding area are being warned to be wary of advertisements for this type of product. Learn more here. Question of the Day: What precautions would you take to make sure that an advertised cosmetic drug was approved in your area? photo link
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