Adding Fat to Face Can Reduce Appearance of Aging

The majority of women who are interested in cosmetic procedures want to look younger. And a large percentage of them would like to lose weight. So it can seem contradictory to these women that the answer to the first problem is to add fat to the face. However, that's exactly what should be done to revive the youthful look of the face. Of course, we've already known this to some extent. Dermal fillers are used to fill out the face, plump up the lips and cheeks and reduce wrinkles. Essentially, this is adding a bit of fat to the face to regain that structure and shape that you had in the past. But now it appears that there's a specific part of the face that could use some more fat. Studies have shown that we have a deep fat compartment in our cheeks. Cosmetically restoring this with fat serves to improve the appearance of the cheek, reduce overall wrinkling of the face and even add a bit ore curve to the upper lip. All of this makes you look younger. Question of the Day: How do you feel about adding injectable fat into your cheek's deep fat compartment? photo link
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