Celebrity Botox: Amanda Holden

British actress Amanda Holden has put in a lot of effort over the years to insist that her beautiful wrinkle-free skin was the result of a healthy diet and great genes. The woman has finally decided to confess that a little bit of help from the Botox doctor didn't do her looks any harm either. Holden, who is in her late thirties, says that she never had any problems with her skin until last year when she spent time in Africa for something that she was filming. The filming was done outdoors and the sun there did a number on her skin. For the first time in her life, Holden noticed that she had wrinkles. She wanted to eradicate those wrinkles and she knew tons of people who had gotten procedures like Botox. In fact, she didn't really know anyone besides herself that hadn't gotten some sort of work done. So she took the plunge and restored the youth to her face. Holden was concerned because she had seen cases in which Botox had caused problems for people with showing emotion; that whole "frozen face" problem that you hear about had her worried. However, her Botox worked just fine and she says that she'll be doing it again in the future. Question of the Day: Why do you think Amanda Holden was so adamant about denying that she'd gotten Botox before?
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