Collagen and Why Skin Treatments Work

Science Daily has an interesting article up this week regarding the way that our skin works and the reason that certain anti-aging skin treatments have proven to be successful. If you've ever wanted to know why it is that we get wrinkles and what there is to be done about it, this information is worth taking a look at. The first thing that you'll learn from this report is that more and more experts are starting to confirm the basic belief about how our skin works. Essentially, what happens in the body over time is that the natural collagen in the skin starts to break down. This happens to the thick layer of skin inside the layer that we actually see when we look at our own face. The result is that the foundation of the skin starts to collapse a bit and we get wrinkles. The good news about this information is that there are strong indications that the collagen breakdown can be reversed. Collagen injections and replenishment for the skin can effectively reduce the breakdown, reversing some of the effects and allowing the skin to appear younger. Three treatments are specifically cited as being useful for allowing this to happen: "topical retinoic acid, carbon dioxide laser resurfacing and injections of cross-linked hyaluronic acid". Question of the Day: Do you have a better understanding of the cause of wrinkles and how to treat them? photo link
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