Getting Botox at the Bar?

You've heard of Botox parties. Maybe you've even attended one. The most legitimate of these events are held at doctor's offices in order to provide potential patients with information about Botox and other cosmetic procedures. But a Botox party at a local bar? Bad idea, right? Not everybody thinks so. A bar in the Los Angeles area has started offering a Botox night once a week. Patrons of the bar can get Botox injections right there on site. The injections are being done by a doctor who will not be drinking during the process. Additionally, anyone who has had too much to drink will be denied the right to get the injection. Reputable doctors tend to agree that this type of Botox party is a mistake. The bar is not an appropriate setting for cosmetic procedures. Instead, Botox and other dermal fillers should be obtained inside of a doctor's office. Although the procedure is quick and easy, it's still a medical procedure. It should come along with a clean environment and a review of the patient's medical history. Question of the Day: Would you consider getting Botox if it was offered at the local bar? photo link
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