Screenings for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

We're smack dab in the middle of Skin Cancer Awareness Month and that means that it's a good time for a reminder that you should get regular screenings for skin cancer. These screenings allow for an early diagnosis of the problem which results in more effective and efficient treatment. Many different dermatologists around the nation are offering free skin cancer screening throughout May in celebration of the importance of the month. Take a look around your area to see if there are any doctors near you that are offering this service. If you can't find screening for free, consider paying to get checked out. In the end, it means that you save your health and the appearance of your skin. Another thing to keep an eye for in your area is this year's Healthy Skin Tour. This is a tour that offers free skin exams along with lots of information about how to take care of your skin. The tour started off in New York at the beginning of this month and will be on the road through October. Question of the Day: Have you ever asked your dermatologist about the risk of skin cancer? photo link
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