Sunscreen Is Safer But We Still Need To Watch Out

As the weather starts to get warmer, most of us will be making a few changes to our standard skin rejuvenation treatments. For one thing, we're more likely to get laser treatments done towards the end of the work day when the sun won't be so harsh on the skin. We're also more likely to get treatments that help give a moisturized appearance to the face. But one of the most important things that we'll be doing is ramping up our use of sunscreen. Dangers associated with skin exposure include everything from unsightly sun spots to fatal cancers. Luckily, a new study shows that there have been advances made to the sunscreens on the market which should make them more effective in protecting our skin. The key is to look for a sunscreen that has a higher SPF level than others on the shelf as well as to make sure that you choose one which protects against UVA rays as well as UVB rays. Despite these advances it remains up to each individual to do what it takes to protect the skin. Studies have proven recently that people who work outdoors are increasingly less likely to get screened for skin cancer. They've also shown that self-exams (possibly with the help of a loved one) can be crucial in making sure that you get early treatment of any problems that do arise. Make sure that you work with your dermatologist to figure out what changes and precautions you need to take as the summer sun starts to heat up. Consider the pros and cons of sunless tanning and make sure you understand the impact of the sun on any regular treatments that you get done. Question of the Day: How well your skin rejuvenation routine change as we enter the summer months? photo link
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