Warnings About Certain Dermal Fillers

There is a new study out which suggests that patients may want to speak with their doctors about the potential risks of the dermal fillers that they are using. The study shows that polyalkylimide implants may have adverse effects on the body which were not previously known about. These effects are similar to those which have been found to be caused by collagen in the past. The study was not able to determine the extent of risk *or* even the extent of damage that could be done as a result of using these products. Therefore, it wouldn''t make sense to panic about the issue. Using these products doesn''''t mean that you''re going to have these effects. Instead, it means that you should be aware of the risks as you would need to be with any procedure. Those people who are particularly concerened about the new findings can discuss alternative options with their skin rejuvenation doctor. The products are used as dermal fillers to plump the lips and cheeks, there are many other products on the market which could be used as an alternative to this. Question of the Day: Do you believe that a single study that is this inconclusive is grounds to change your skin rejuvenation regimen?
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