Advanced Resurfacing Laser Should Clear FDA Soon

Laser resurfacing is a technology which uses a beam of light to ablate the skin. The result is that problems include wrinkles, acne scarring and sun spots can all be reduced or removed. The existing technology works well and leaves patients of this procedure satisfied with their results. But that doesn't mean it couldn't get better - or so says one company which has a new laser in the final stages of FDA clearance.
"Lutronic, Inc., one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of medical laser systems, announced today that its MOSAIC eCO2 system, the next generation in fractional resurfacing lasers combining fractional technology with the deep ablative features of a CO2 laser." (source)
Benefits of the new laser should improve the experience of laser resurfacing for both the patient and the doctor. Adanced adjustable controls, automatic safety features, reduced pain during and after procedures and a stronger ability to customize the procedure and results all combine to make this a better laser that those already on the market. It may be something you'll want to ask your doctor about after FDA clearance is final and the laser hits the market. Question of the Day: Should we continue trying to advance the technology used in common procedures today (such as the lasers used in laser resurfacing)? photo link
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