Affording Botox in These Economically Troubled Times

It's no secret that people are struggling with a bit of an economic crunch these days. Gas prices are sky-high and still climbing. Home loans and good credit offers aren't coming nearly so frequently or easily. And we're all trying to figure out where we can cut back in order to save some money. Some people say that it's a good idea to cut back on things like Botox and sunless tanning, things that are considered luxuries rather than necessities. However, that may not really be the best course of action. If you normally get indulgent treatments like these, cutting back can really make you feel saddened by the economic struggles that you're undergoing. Instead, it's wiser to budget better instead of just arbitrarily cutting out luxuries from your life. Look at your finances realistically and create a budget that includes room for little indulgences like your Botox. You may go to the cosmetic doctor less frequently but you don't have to stop taking care of yourself altogether just because the economy is going a little bit nuts. Question of the Day: Where do you think you should cut back on beauty spending to reduce the economic crunch that you're feeling? photo link
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