Consider Giving Your Skin Some Sun This Summer

Are you the kind of person who prefers sunless tanning to laying out in the real sunshine? Do you slather on the sunscreen each day before leaving the house? In many ways, these practices protect your body. However, you shouldn't be too extreme in your avoidance of the sun because you need a little bit of that sunshine to be healthy. For the most part, you do want to protect your skin from the sun. Sun spots and other signs of aging are caused directly from being out in the sunshine without protection. There are also much more serious sun risks such as skin cancer. In general, you want to avoid being out in the harshest times of day. However, your body needs some of that Vitamin D that the sun provides. There is a serious Vitamin D deficiency in our society today and it's a problem that can cause significant health problems. As a result, it's a good idea to get moderate levels of sunshine during the times of day that are not the hottest. Learn more about the sun, your skin and Vitamin D here. Question of the Day: How much is the right amount of sunshine to keep your body healthy but safe? photo link
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