Gel Mask Makes Cosmetic Injections Less Painful

Have you considered getting cosmetic injections to reduce wrinkles and smooth out your skin? Have you hesitated because you're afraid that these shots are going to hurt? If so, you're not alone. A number of people have cited fear of pain as a reason that they don't get dermal fillers. In general, the pain associated with these types of procedures is minimal and most people don't find them to be too uncomfortable to bear. However, there is a new gel mask on the market that can reduce the pain even more for those people who don't want to have any discomfort during their treatments. The product, called Pliaglis, is a gel which is applied to the skin and allowed to harden into what basically feels like a facial mask. This numbs the skin and reduces the pain that would be felt from the injection of the needle. Those people who have had the service done say that the procedure is then virtually painless. Question of the Day: Is it necessary to use a pain-reducing gel mask to avoid the sting of dermal filler injections? photo link
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