Laser Hair Removal Lawsuit

Most people who get laser hair removal don't have any problems with the procedure. It's a simple procedure that can easily be done on an outpatient basis with little downtime needed for recovery. But there are rare instances in which something goes wrong. One woman has reported that she experienced severe burns on her legs after a bad laser hair removal treatment. Apparently a filter that was supposed to be on the laser hair removal machine was not on it which caused the rays of the laser machine to burn her legs. She experienced scarring and is now suing the place where she got the laser hair removal. Anyone can make mistakes, even doctors. However this case serves as a reminder that it's important to go to a qualified physician and not just a day spa when you are seeking any sort of medical treatment. Although laser hair removal is available at salons and spas, it is something that should be done by a doctor. Bear this in mind as you seek out someone to do this kind of service for you. Question of the Day: Would you file a lawsuit if your legs were burned because of a mistake in laser hair removal? photo link
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