Push For UK to Stop Deregulation of Laser Treatments

The government of the UK has been considering the possibility of deregulating the use of cosmetic lasers. This has caused concerns amongst doctors there who believe that it's crucial that patients be treated only by qualified physicians when getting any sort of medical treatment including cosmetic laser procedures. A consumer group called Which? has now chimed in to encourage the UK not to deregulate these procedures. The concern of the consumer group is, of course, that this move is bad for consumers. The group argues that the plan for deregulation is designed to save costs at the expense of patient health and safety. It is predicted that the number of people harmed by laser treatments will at least double if deregulation is allowed to occur. Learn more about the argument by Which? here. Question of the Day: Should the UK be allowed to deregulate cosmetic laser use if it's in the interest of cost savings? photo link
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