Skin Problem Prevention Better Than Treatment

A doctor who runs a cosmetic injectables business recently revealed that her own great skin is due more to the choices that she makes for prevention of problems than to the treatments that she has available at her disposal. Although she regularly uses Botox and other dermal fillers in her treatment of patients, she doesn't need these things herself because she takes good care of her skin and her general health. This allows for natural anti-aging that prevents the wrinkles and other issues that people seek treatment for. This doctor makes sure to clean her make-up off carefully each day. She uses anti-oxidant creams and treatments. She has a healthy diet. And she always uses sunscreen. These things all allow for protection of the skin so that signs of aging don't develop. Although there's nothing wrong with the use of injectables to treat existing skin problems, it's always better to engage in good prevention than to just seek treatment. Learn more here. Question of the Day: What steps can you take to avoid the need for dermal fillers by preventing signs of aging from developing in the first place? photo link
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