Woman Steals Botox Treatments Faces Grand Theft Charges

Yesterday we discussed the fact that changing economic times are making it more difficult for people to justify getting cosmetic treatments. Apparently one woman thought so because she skipped out on a $1200 Botox bill immediately after getting the treatment. She's facing charges of grand theft once she's caught by authorities. The woman had initially received a quote for the services of approximately $1700. The actual bill for the services was lower than this but she either didn't have the money to pay or had never intended to pay in the first place. When she was asked for payment, she claimed to have left her credit card in the car. She supposedly went to go get it and she never returned. It is believed that all of the identifying information that she gave to this doctor was false. Authorities have been unable to identify her up to this point. What an elaborate ruse for a little bit of Botox! Question of the Day: What would cause someone to steal $1200 worth of Botox injections? photo link
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