30+ Groups Beg UK Not to Deregulate Cosmetic Lasers

Last month we reported on an issue of concern in the UK caused by the fact that a plan for deregulation of the use of medical laser equipment may be put into place. Consumer groups fear that this could lead to bad procedures such as laser hair removal and laser resurfacing that are unsuccessful or botched due to lack of appropriate regulation. The issue is still not resolved and more people are joining in the debate to try to convince the UK government that deregulation is a bad idea for the patients of cosmetic procedures in the region. Most recently, the Royal College of Nursing has spoken up about this issue, urging the government to recognize the fact that deregulation is not in the best interest of the people who get treatments utilizing these lasers. Over thirty different groups have said the same thing but the government has not made a final decision regarding the issue. Question of the Day: Is deregulation of lasers a bad idea for the UK to move forward with? photo link
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