Botox Maker Wins Patent Lawsuit

Allergan is the company that is best known for being the one that manufactures Botox. However, Allergan also makes a variety of other different products that aren't as well known as Botox is. Some of these are for cosmetic enhancement whereas others are for medical purposes. Many are designed for both (like Botox which can be used to treat certain types of injuries despite being primarily known for its use as a cosmetic enhancement tool). One of the products that Allergan makes which isn't specifically designed for the cosmetic industry is a product designed to treat eye pain and inflammation in the eye. The company has just won a lawsuit against rival Apotex Inc. which prevents the rival company from making a generic version of the product until 2009 (presumably when the patent period on the product runs out). Some would say that it's not fair that Allergan is dominating the market with this product, suggesting that the generic version be made available to the public at an earlier date because of the lower cost to patients. However, companies like Allergan rely on patent periods not only to build up their profits but also to be able to research the additional applications of the product. (For example, Allergan wants to use one eye product as a lash enhancement tool.) Question of the Day: Should Botox-maker Allergan be able to prevent others from creating a generic version of their products? photo link
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