Celebrity Botox: Phoebe Price

If you are someone who follows the gossip from the red carpet then there is a good chance that you have seen a photo of Phoebe Price. And there is a good chance that the photo caught your attention. That's because Price is known as someone who has quite a garish appearance. Many people say that she has gotten bad cosmetic work done but the truth is that Price accents her features in a way that makes them look not so hot. The bright red color that she dyes her hair isn't quite right. The bold makeup is a little bit off. And the clothing does more to cause gossip than anything else. It's probably true that she's gotten some cosmetic work done. It has been suggested that she gets dermal filler injections and lip injections. She may have breast and cheek implants. It's hard to say for sure. But whatever she has or hasn't had done, she could improve the way it looks by softening her appearance and going for a more natural look. Question of the Day: Does Phoebe Price get celebrity Botox? photo link
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