Celebrity Lip Plumping: Kim Vo

Kim Vo is a celebrity hair stylist who has gained a moderate amount of fame for his role as a judge on Bravo's Shear Genius as well as for his work on famous celebrities including Britney Spears. The majority of people who have seen has work would argue that he has a serious eye for style when it comes to hair. However, not everyone would agree that the style extends to other features of the face and body. Awful Plastic Surgery points out the fact that Kim Vo appears to have had some sort of work done on his lips over the years in order to plump them up. It isn't clear whether this was a dermal filler injection designed to plump the lips or a more invasive lip augmentation surgery. In either case, some would say that the plumped up lips aren't looking as good as they could and are taking attention away from the fabulous hair. Question of the Day: Does celebrity stylist Kim Vo get his lips plumped? photo link
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