Doctors Asked to Repair Med Spa Mistakes

You often hear the warnings against going to a med spa to get treatments such as laser hair removal or dermal fillers. That's because these places don't necessarily have qualified doctors on site and therefore often report more problems with treatment than do doctor's offices. In fact, it is quite common for doctors to be asked to treat the problems caused by Med Spa technicians. For example, one report recently comes from a man who went to a Med Spa to get laser hair removal. The procedure resulted in a number of serious burns to the area where the lasers were applied (something that obviously shouldn't happen). He is now seeing a dermatologist to try to remove or reduce the scarring from that incident. This doesn't mean that all Med Spa facilities are bad. There are plenty of facilities that do have qualified doctors on site. It just means that you need to do your research into the qualifications of the people at these places to make sure that they are properly prepared to provide you with quality medical care. Question of the Day: What can be done to reduce the number of problems that people face in a Med Spa setting? photo link
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