Doctors Turning to Email for Appointment Reminders

Every six months, you probably get a postcard from your dentist reminding you that it's time to come in for your next check-up. However, that could soon be a thing of the past as more and more doctors are embracing new technology and using email reminders to let patients know that it's time for their new visits. And many of them are using software programs that will automatically send out these reminders for them so that you never get your reminder later than you should. For example, there is a program called Smile Reminder which is frequently being used by doctors and med spas who have patients that need repeat procedures such as Botox. The results of Botox injections only last for a set period of time before the wrinkles start coming back and a new round of Botox injections is required. Instead of making you wait until you notice these wrinkles, the Smile Reminder program will send you an automatic reminder when it's about time for you to come back in. Question of the Day: Do these automatic appointment updates take the personal touch out of medical and cosmetic care? photo link
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