New Products May Reduce - and Reverse - Skin Cancer

Researchers are examining a series of new products that may have the potential to reduce the damage caused by the sun. These new products not only serve to protect the sun from skin cancer but may also be capable of reversing the damage that the sun has already done to the skin.
"We are looking at a number of molecules that can be used with sunscreen or without sunscreen. They are not simply blocking the radiation, but they are reversing the damage caused by radiation." (source)
The studies thus far have been effective on animals. The tests are now moving to the human testing phase in the hopes that these products can eventually be released to the market. In the meantime, make sure to wear your sunscreen, engage in good sun safety habits and consider sunless tanning instead of tanning in the sun! Question of the Day: Is it possible for a product to reverse the damage caused to the skin by the sun? photo link
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