Olympics Brings High-Performance Skin Care To Beijing

The Summer Olympics are upon us and they're going to be a topic of small talk conversation for the next couple of months. Most people will be talking about the high-performance athletic abilities of the athletes who are competing in the games. However, a few select people are instead talking about the high-performance skin care that's being taken to the Olympics by some of the American sports representatives. There is a product called MISSION product which bills itself as the first-ever line of skin care products that is specifically designed to meet the unique skin care needs of athletes. The products are basic anti-aging products like sunscreens and moisturizers but they are tweaked to meet the high-strain conditions that athletes face on a daily basis. Five of the people who are participating in the Olympics this year will be using these products. This should prove that the products are worth their merit; after all, there are not sports more intense than the Olympic Games! Question of the Day: Should American Olympic athletes be testing out skin care products during the games? photo link
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