Photofacials Recommended for Red Skin

There was an article published online recently which recommended a series of tips for women with skin problems. The majority of these tips were designed to allow the reader to reduce skin blemishes without having to see a doctor. However, there was one condition that a trip to the doctor was recommended for - redness of the skin. The procedure that was recommended for this problem was photofacials. Many women hope that they can do basic skin care and cleaning of the face to get rid of this problem but that's not the case because the problem is actually due to a melatonin buildup or vein issue in the lower layers of the skin. Basically the way that the photofacial works is that it uses a laser to get down into the lower layers of the skin where the problem really exists. This resolves the problem in a way that you can't do from your own home. Question of the Day: Are photofacials the best solution for women seeking a quick fix for redness of the face? photo link
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