Sunless Tanning People Safer In the Sun

People who choose to get sunless tanning to improve the appearance of their skin are more likely to engage in safe sun practices than are those people who try to get a tan through natural sunlight tanning. This is because the people who choose to get sunless tans have a tendency to be more aware of the risks of sun damage and to take extra precautions when they are out in the natural sun. There are an unfortunately large number of people who are interested in getting natural tans and who choose to avoid safe sun practices when tanning outdoors. These people risk getting skin problems ranging from harmless sun spots to serious skin cancer issues. These people can learn a serious lesson from those people who engage in sunless tanning which is to always be aware of the risks of the sun and to try to minimize those risks when tanning. Learn more about this here. Question of the Day: Why do people who do sunless tanning tend to have better safe sun practices than people who don't? photo link
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