3 Med Spa Myths Debunked

A recent article on Med Spa News has pointed out that there are three major myths floating around out there about the med spa business and that these myths are each incorrect. The three myths that have been debunked are: 1. The majority of money that is made at a Med Spa is made from people who are seeking Botox treatments. 2. Med Spa owners must have a highly expensive laser system in order to be able to appropriately perform the procedures that are requested by their customers. 3. Doctors who want to open a Med Spa only need to take a weekend training course. Each of these three myths is incorrect. Combined together, they help us to gain a better understanding of a good Med Spa business. That will be a business that offers a variety of different treatments and one which is more focused on having highly-trained doctors than making sure to get the most expensive equipment on the market. Learn more about this report here. Question of the Day: What other myths are there about Med Spas? photo link
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