Celebrity Botox: Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is no stranger to plastic surgery. She is also not shy about getting minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures (like Botox) to reduce the appearance of aging in her face. However she must not think that the results are as perfect as she would have liked them to be because she has issued a series of instructions for the filming of her new reality TV show that involved being more flattering to her appearance. Anderson apparently doesn't want the cameras to ever zoom in too closely on her face because this could show signs of aging. This is true. Even the best Botox in the world is going to have limited effects especially as time passes between treatments. When you're talking about a close-up face in HD on a large TV screen, you're talking about trouble. Pam seems to know that. Learn more about her reality TV show and the demands she has made for filming from this article. Question of the Day: Should Pamela Anderson continue to get cosmetic treatments if the desired effects aren't perfect? photo link
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