Doctors Recommended Over Cosmeceuticals

There is a term that has cropped up in the beauty industry in recent years which has caused a lot of debate. That term is "cosmeceuticals". It refers to those beauty products that are said to have medical / pharmaceutical benefits although they are available over the counter without the advice of a doctor to recommend their use. A new report indicates what most of us have already known - that it is best to go see a cosmetic doctor to get proper treatments for cosmetic issues than to pay a lot of money for these types of products without ever being seen by a doctor. Cosmeceuticals may or may not achieve the desired results - usually anti-aging results - that a patient is seeking. They are expensive and they are unreliable according to experts in the industry. In contrast, the results achieved by seeing a cosmetic doctor tend to be much more assured. And although these treatments can sometimes be expensive, they may be less expensive than the ongoing use of the cosmeceutical products which also don't come cheap. In fact the cosmeceutical business is a $12 billion business and growing! These products actually may sometimes have the benefits that they claim to have. However, it is always best to see a doctor prior to using products that are designed to make changes to the body or skin. A doctor-recommend product is more likely to be specifically capable of meeting your needs than is one that is simply purchased off of the shelf somewhere without a consultation. Question of the Day: Do cosmeceuticals work and if so, can they replace the choice to see a cosmetic doctor? photo link
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