New Law Makes Botox in Nevada Too Expensive

There is a new medical law on the books in Nevada that has driven the costs of Botox injections sky high and make it practically impossible for patients to continue to get their Botox treatments in the area. The law wasn't intended to target Botox but managed to cause this problem nonetheless which brings to the surface the old issue of how to classify Botox in the medical world. Basically what happened was that there was an outbreak of Hepatitis C in a hospital which caused significant (and well-founded) concern. This prompted the enactment of regulations that prohibit doctors from administering medication from single-dose vials to more than one patient. In most cases, this is a wise move because it keeps patients safe. But in the case of Botox, it means that patients have to pay more for the "medicine". Learn more here. Question of the Day: Should Botox injections fall under the same state regulations as other medications? photo link
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