New Pain-Reducing Dermal Filler Released

There is a new generation of dermal fillers that is beginning to hit the market this year and which could end up being very appealing to a wide demographic. These dermal fillers serve the same purposes as the dermal fillers that you can already get from your dermatologist; they reduce wrinkles and offer anti-aging plumping effects for the face. However, these dermal fillers have an added bonus - they include an anesthetic which helps to reduce the pain of the dermal filler injection. Most people will tell you that the dermal filler injection really isn't all that painful. However, some people do find it uncomfortable. And even those who find it tolerable wouldn't exactly mind using a product that reduces the sting. After all, we all want to be as comfortable as we possibly can, right? With anesthetic included in the product, the dermal filler injection is practically painless. One such new product has been released to the market and should be available in the offices of some dermatologists soon. The product is called Elevess and it has been released by Artes Medical. It is a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler (or HA dermal filler) which is a popular choice for patients seeking anti-aging injections. Question of the Day: Will this new generation of pain-free dermal fillers replace the old ones that have been in use in recent years? photo link
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