New European Anti-Aging Event

A new event is about to start taking place in Europe which will be beneficial to the entire business of anti-aging medical care. The event is called the European Congress on Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine (ECAAAM) and is designed to bring together professionals working in all areas of anti-aging medicine to exchange ideas and further the results that are being brought about by the community. For you, this means that there could ultimately be an improvement in the anti-aging medicine in your area. The event is taking place in Germany in about one week and will involve a diverse array of different presentations from medical professionals and treatment makers. Topics of discussion will include everything from facial rejuvenation topics to medical advances being made in stem cell therapy and hormone replacement therapy. This should result in a conversation that inspires those people attending to get more innovative in their work. Question of the Day: What other conferences and events are there for the Aesthetic Medicine community? photo link
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