UK Agrees Not To Deregulate Lasers

There has been a big issue of concern for the aesthetic medicine community in the UK which is that the government has been considering the deregulation of lasers used in procedures such as laser hair removal. Many groups and consumers expressed their fears that deregulation of lasers would lead to problems for patients of these types of procedures because of the fact that botched or unsuccessful laser treatments would be likely to result from the lack of oversight once the procedure was deregulated. After listening to these fears, the UK government has determined that the fears are indeed valid and has decided not to deregulate these types of lasers after all. This means that UK patients can rest easy knowing that their laser procedures are most likely safe due to the fact that they are still regulated. Now that this battle has been won, those people who made sure that the lasers did not get deregulated are still on the government's back about this issue. They say that the government also needs to make sure that regulation in the future becomes more efficient so that these procedures do remain safe and effective for all patients who choose to get them. Question of the Day: Was the UK government correct in not deregulating the lasers used in procedures like laser hair removal? photo link
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