Headaches, Wrinkles and Now Tears? Oh my!

The UK Telegraph is reporting that a British woman suffering from a rare condition called "crocodile tears" has been cured by Botox - yes Botox injections. Patricia Webster cries uncontrollably as she eats a meal, and would stop sobbing once she finished eating. The report gives a brief description about what crocodile tears are, "Nerve fibers which should be used for salivation become damaged and regrow into the lacrimal gland, situated under the eye, which control tears. Consequently sufferers cannot help but cry when they chew and swallow food." Typically we consider Botox to be used for wrinkle removal and anti-aging, however in recent years researchers have found many other uses for Botox pricks - including alleviating the pain of migraine headaches and now possibly even helping people who suffer from this crying syndrome. Now the 58-year-old mother of 3 can actually go eat out with friends and family without sobbing her eyes out. Likewise she showed her enthusiasm when saying, "But it works and it means I can wear eye make up and face the world again."
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