Allergen and Cosmetic Dermatology may be Getting a Lift

allergen_tough_economic_times_derma_blog_Feb2009.jpg In recent months Allergen (the company that produces Botox), has been struggling to stay afloat in tough financial times. Last quarter share prices and profit slumped. But news is breaking that Allergen and Botox may be making a comeback. Over the past year Botox injections have been experimentally used for headache and migraine relief alongside other non-wrinkle-removal uses. Business Week reported on this possible lift for Botox and Allergen, "Two things could soon make Allergan's stock move higher: a new application of Botox to treat chronic daily headaches and a new product called Lumigan, a treatment for glaucoma. But it's one of the side effects of Lumigan that could deliver a bounty for Allergan: use of the compound results in longer and thicker eyelashes. As a result, Allergan developed a product called Latisse, which the Food & Drug Administration approved for eyelash enhancement last December. Latisse is applied on the upper eyelid while Lumigan, an eyedrop, is used in the eyes." If this new use for Botox boosts revenue and profit for Allergen, other possible uses of Botox may begin to get utilized in the future. Research is going on to see if Botox injections can aid in any other way besides cosmetic enhancements.
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