Cut Prices, Cut Quality?

dermal_fillers_derma_blog_Feb09.jpg Before investing in facial fillers, be sure to do ample research and homework about the physician you are putting your trust in. Many dermatologists are urging potential Botox, Restylane and Juvederm patients to take caution when seeking out cut-price deals, for many may also be cutting quality along with prices. The UK Daily Mirror is saying, "Not only may these substances be below standard, they're likely to be given by poorly-trained people, leading to problems from infection to permanent scarring. People opting for dermal fillers are especially at risk. Unlike muscle-relaxing treatment Botox, dermal fillers are unregulated in the UK. This means they can be bought and administered by anyone and no quality and safety checks are carried out on the clinic or salon." But such concerns should not only be considered when in the UK or oversees, slashed prices in the US can also mean poorly trained so-called 'experts' or bad quality products. Make sure your 'expert' is using the right products and technique when administering you with injections.
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