Extreme Botox Addicts

botox_injection_derma_blog_Feb2009.jpg The love for anti-aging wonders like Botox has reached new heights. According to morticians around the US, people are requesting that their loved ones be given Botox injections once they are dead, so the loved one can look healthier if there is an open-casket funeral. However, this controversial request is stirring up anger and disbelief in headlines. Some of the other people requested for lip plumping, microdermabrasion, and at extreme levels of obsession even lifting drooping jowls. Often times morticians do a small touch-up to the deceased, but this is taking cosmetic enhancement to a whole new level. Really how vain can we be? Has society lost the ability to mourn and grieve their loved ones passing? Or are many of us still too cosmetic and superficially driven? Some people reported to MSNBC, they feel cosmetic enhancements on the deceased or making a request for themselves prior to dying (like a will), is completely appropriate and lets them look their finest at the last time people can see them. I suppose we'll see in the near future if this trend continues to gain popularity or if it stirs up more controversy and anger.
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