New Wrinkle Treatment

anti_aging_procedure_derma_blog_feb2009.jpg As the recession blues deepen so do our wrinkles. Allergen and Botox are struggling, but there is a new anti-aging procedure in town called Evolence. The treatment is new to the US, but has been used in Europe and Canada for several years. The only caveat to this new wrinkle-ridding gem, is that it is made from pig fat and pig tendons. Many medical treatments use pig-related products as well as other animal products, but injecting such products in one's face is new territory for many intrigued potential consumers. Fox News says, "But using pig collagen, taken from pig tendons, as an injectable wrinkle-filler, was only approved by the FDA last year. The treatment is called Evolence, and is used on the lines from the nose, to under the corners of the mouth. Evolence is an alternative to other facial treatments, such as Botox, which is a toxin; Juvederm and Restalyne, which are acids; or other fillers that use cow collagen." Johnson and Johnson is hoping for full FDA approval to use the Evolence product for full facial filling. Who know's, this may become the more cost-efficient anti-aging treatment.
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