The Many Wonders of Botox

We've heard of Botox being used for migraines, wrinkle-ridding and even crocodile tears, but this week UK Daily Mail has reported that Botox injections are being used to treat psoriasis. The pesky skin disease affects thousands of people globally, and recent research shows that the symptoms may be alleviated with a prick of Botox. According to the Daily Mail, "A trial of Botox injections at the University of Minnesota follows the discovery that patients with dystonia - a neurological movement disorder - who also have psoriasis saw improvements in both conditions after treatment. The toxin may have a beneficial effect on nerve cells that are involved in psoriasis." For those of you keen on anti-aging fillers like Botox, if you suffer from skin ailments like psoriasis you may be able to look younger and relieve discomfort. With the recent wave of information flooding dermatologists about the beneficial uses of Botox, there is bound to be even more tests and research done for its non cosmetic perks.
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