Bill to Ban Excessive Bronzing

tanning_bed_derma_blog_Mar09.jpg A Bill that is currently being discussed by the House in Texas may increase restrictions on tanning beds for teens. Lawmakers are urging people to get on board with these new regulations, as they are comparing the importance to that of banning cigarettes. The Bill is also making headlines and news reels all over the state, as some dermatologists are claiming excessive use of tanning beds at such a young age is causing serious health problems even death. Houston based ABC affiliate reported saying, "A bill being discussed in Austin would strengthen existing laws governing the beds' use by teens, requiring anyone under 18 to get a doctor's note and have a parent in the tanning salon. Current state law requires parental permission slips for children under 18 and a doctor's permission for children under 13. M.D. Anderson pediatric oncologist Dr. Dennis Hughes says keeping kids away from tanning beds is a potentially life-saving idea." Doctors are hoping to stifle the progress of skin cancer and likewise increase awareness and early detection. They say healthy skin habits are taught and learned at a young age, so keeping teenagers aware of tanning bed dangers may hopefully decrease skin cancer in the younger demographics.
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