Botox and Depression

depression_relief_derma_blog_Mar09.jpg In recent months there has been a flurry of research about additional perks and medical benefits from Botox. From migraines to wrinkles, it seems like the former cosmetic-only treatment is now a viable source for alleviating many ailments. The most recent study shows Botox injections linked to depression relief. Private Health in the UK released the research, "A study presented at the annual conference of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors found that Botox injections can help to create a more positive mood. According to the researchers, the relaxation of the frown muscles leads to less facial feedback for negative emotions, making a negative mood harder to maintain. Dr Patrick Bowler, medical director of Court House Clinics, said that he was not surprised by the findings as he has noticed the positive effect of Botox on clients with mild depression." The results of Botox use for non-cosmetic procedures has been quite positive. Dermatologists may be feeling a bit of the recession blues, but they are finding many people interested in other uses of Botox injections. So if you've fallen into the recession woes, use Botox for wrinkles and depression.
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