Botox Beating Recession

botox_injection_University_of_Colorodo_derma_March2009.jpg As the economic crisis worsens, so do our wrinkles. The University of Colorado is offering patients a way to save a few pennies and get rid of the recession blues and wrinkles with Botox injections. The cosmetic dermatology clinic is offering patients a 35% discount on injections done by trainees. Board certified dermatologists will supervise the injections, however the actual application is done by dermatologists in training. Grinza (the international journal of wrinkles) reports, "It's a win-win, good for my pocketbook and good for the residents. That's what brought me here," mentioned Licht in a related interview. Apart from Botox, CU specialists also offer injectables, such as Restylane. These discounted clinics are offered once a month in Cherry Creek North. If the discount increases demand, doctors say that they will offer the rates once a week." Although this is new territory for the United States, many clinics overseas practice such methods in cosmetic dermatology. In fact Brazil recently provided free Botox injections for patients willing to be pricked by medical students.
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