Rosacea Linked to Sunburns

sunburn_rosacea_derma_blog_Mar09.jpg Traditionally dermatologists have correlated rosacea (reddening of the facial skin) to family history and genetics. However recent studies have shown hints that over exposure to the sun and sunburns are linked to causing rosacea. Roughly 14 million Americans are plagued with rosacea, however most often the cause is unknown. US news and World Report discussed the findings, "The researchers also found that 44 percent of people with rosacea reported having had blistering sunburns at some time, compared with just more than 5 percent of the others. Kimball said the research did not conclude whether sunburns contributed to the development of rosacea or whether people with rosacea just tended to sunburn because of their skin condition. However, she said, she advises people who have a family history of rosacea -- especially children -- to regularly use broad-spectrum sunscreen and use other sun protection measures." Although this research is viable, it is still preliminary and not concrete. Physicians are still unaware of the exact cause of rosacea, though they do urge people to wear ample sunscreen outside. Because clearly the sun is a contributing factor.
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