Botox Age Increase

Botox_Derma_Blog_April09.jpg Generally we have seen an age decrease in Botox patients, it started off with mid-life crisis candidates, to twentysomethings injecting for prevention. But now the newest trend to hit cosmetic dermatology is older users. It is noted that over 15% of Botox patients are over the age of 60. Clearly the Joan Rivers and Goldie Hawn's are influenced the older baby-boomer demographic to age more gracefully or attempt to impede aging as a whole. PR News Wire released the report saying, "More and more women over 60 are having non-surgical treatments including Botox, dermal fillers and skin peels and treatments, as well as plastic surgery such as breast implants and facelifts. Encouraged by their daughters and the increasing high profiles and media coverage of amazing looking celebrities who are in their 50s, 60s and 70s, such as Joan Collins, Jane Seymour and Lulu, UK's Botox Grannies are driving a new demand for non-surgical cosmetic treatments." The press release and subsequent articles have referred to this trend as "Botox Grannies." A key factor permitting this growth in consumers is the fact that people in their 60s generally are near-retirement and have a more disposable income. Meaning they can afford to splurge on cosmetic enhancements unlike penny-pinching youngsters.
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