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botox_research_derma_blog_Apr09.jpg Alongside it's known four FDA approved uses, Botox injections are being administered to patients experimentally to research dozens of new treatments. Allergen the company that owns and produces Botox claims that they have 90 new uses for Botox in the works. The newest to join in on the party is Botox injections for speech impediments. The New York Times reported just this weekend that some dermatologists are injecting patients in the larynx to aid in curing speech issues. The New York Times said, "But now, with the popularization of new medical uses, therapeutic applications of the drug are poised to outstrip the cosmetic treatment in both revenue and prominence.In the hunt to discover the next blockbuster medical use for Botox, doctors have injected it experimentally into muscles and glands all over the body, making it medicine's answer to duct tape. According to recent medical journals, physicians have used it to treat chewing problems, swallowing problems, pelvic muscle spasms, drooling, hair loss, anal fissures and pain from missing limbs." Many of these new methods to utilize Botox are still in the expiremental stages of testing, however doctors are thrilled at the prospect of using Botox injections for methods other than anti-aging and wrinkle-ridding.
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